Faced with the COVID-19 epidemic, we wanted to inform you that we have done everything in our power to fight against the spread of the virus and to assure you of a continuity of our services.

The following STAIRS® activities are maintained:

All our design office:
- Product Studies (custom design)
- Photometric studies
- All consultations (Calls for Offers & Estimates)

Our team remains mobilized to respond to your requests.

The following STAIRS® activities are impacted:

- Prototype manufacturing (tailor-made)
- Manufacture and Delivery of Lighting
(Following the closure of some of our local subcontractors, some elements are missing from our productions, so it is recommended to contact us for any need)

We remain by your side during this difficult period,
Our sales team remains at your disposal and is already helping you prepare for the revival of your activity.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

The STAIRS® team

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